Dawn McElligott, Founder, Darlin' Clementine Productions 

From my youngest days, I wanted to write for TV. I was growing up on the East Coast with no connections to the shows that inspired me, being filmed in the Golden State. I studied French at Siena College in Albany and focused on becoming a teacher, to build my nest egg. I wanted to gain financial independence through teaching to pursue my TV writing dreams. I knew I would have to move out West and try to achieve my goals, much like Clementine in the traditional ballad. Hence, the name of my production company.   

When it came time for me to pursue a Master's degree, I had to choose between Film or French.  Having heard screenwriter, Andrew Bergman, speak at a film festival in the Hudson Valley, I chose French.  Dr. Bergman, with a Ph. D in American History,  advocated for deepening one's knowledge in the humanities to yield better screenplays.  

Today, I have an M.A. in French from West Chester University of Pennsylvania.  While there, I was inducted into the Pi Delta Phi National French Honor Society and earned the Matilda Lipscomb French Study Award.  Before graduating, I was determined to give myself a new skill, outside of teaching.  I attended a  video production seminar at Media Independence Television in Philadelphia.  I was glad to see the young woman conducting our workshop had been a German major and the lady who was the right hand person to the founder, Howard Blumenthal, had majored in French! 

I've worked at various jobs in Philadelphia, Los Angeles and now, Oneonta, NY as outlined on my Linkedin page:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/dawn-mcelligott-15535412/  

Along the way, I've been workshopping teleplays with veteran TV Writer and Producer, Larry Brody.  My first script, "Song of the Cosmos," was a semi-finalist in the Spec Scriptacular Contest closing in 2004. Intrigued by a Discovery Channel presentation of CASTLE GHOSTS of ENGLAND, I wrote a screenplay entitled, "The Fool of Muncaster,"  The script is based on a jester during Shakespeare's time, considered to be the model upon which the Bard created the character, "Fool," in "King Lear."  

It was an episode of UNSOLVED MYSTERIES that kicked off PHANTOM EYES for me.  The show dramatized the story of Grace Brown and her ghost.  It inspired me to write the pilot episode for PHANTOM EYES, entitled, "Lady of the Lake."  In early 2019, TVWriter.com gave me good news:  "The Fool of Muncaster" and "Lady of the Lake," were both finalists in The People's Pilot Writing Contest! 

I would like to thank Michael MacInerney, of NY Graphics Shop, for providing help with the PHANTOM EYES logo, gratis.  There are many others to whom I owe gratitude.  

I am open to collaboration.  If you're interested in working with me as an actor/actress, DP or in any other capacity, please look at my contact page and feel free to reach out.