Back story 

Phantom Eyes is a growing series of screenplays based on eye-witness accounts of sightings of the ghost of Grace Brown. Born in 1886 in Otselic, NY, Grace was a farm girl who moved to the upstate New York town of Corning, where she soon met handsome, charming, Chester Gillette. A few months later, he murdered her by throwing her overboard from their rented canoe and letting her drown, along with their unborn child. 

 The murder had inspired an influential novel, "An American Tragedy" by Theodore Dreiser and an Academy Award-winning movie, "A Place in the Sun." 

Phantom Eyes begins in modern times.  Grace's ghost haunts Yvonne Gallagher, a troubled 19-year old college student, encouraging her to fight against injustice.  As a ghost, Grace can sense foul play but lacks the flesh and blood to fight against it.    As a troubled college student, Yvonne barely musters enough self-worth to attend her classes.  Being haunted by a ghost is more of a blessing than a curse when Yvonne discovers the healing power of helping others.