The Party Crasher Cast Page 2 

(l-r) Hana Meyers, Kaitlyn Addy and Sabrina Lamie as Becky, Kelly and Yvonne. After shooting the indoor scene we shared a smile. Once outdoors, we shot the ghost scene where Hana's cousin, Alana, provided the voice for Grace Brown's ghost. Later on, Michaela Groth provided Grace Brown's image on green screen.

Sabrina Follows her Dream

This is Sabrina Lamie's first short film playing the role of Yvonne. Sabrina is currently studying with The Michelle Danner Acting Studio in Los Angeles. She has worked with a local advertising firm in Utica, NY on commercial projects. Sabrina is a native of Central New York living with her husband and two daughters. She works for a local non-profit human services agency. Sabrina believes that if you have a dream of doing or being something, create a plan and start that journey no matter what age you are. Do not let that dream become a "what if".

Kaitlyn Addy 

Kaitlyn Addy continued her lifelong pursuit of an acting career by playing Kelly Rodriguez in The Party Crasher (2021) a short version of Lady of the Lake, a finalist in the 2018 People's Pilot Writing Contest. It is the sizzle reel for PHANTOM EYES, the supernatural series.

Asked if she wanted to audition for Yvonne or Kelly, Kaitlyn chose Kelly without hesitation. The budding thespian was attracted to the character who tells it like it is.

Earning a diploma at Shenendahowa High School a few months before production, Kaitlyn was one of the many 2020 graduates for whom the event was socially distanced and live streamed for loved ones.

Recently, Kaitlyn had been working in retail while keeping an eye out for new acting opportunities. On the day of the video shoot, Kaitlyn drove more than two hours from Albany, NY area to the Adirondacks, proving she is driven to pursue her dream.