It took six years but this video reached 800 views and earned 7 likes! It had also been broadcast on MiND TV in Greater Philadelphia before the channel was sold.

In one of my French classes at Siena, Dr. Sheehy mentioned "Lady of the Lake," a poem by Sir Walter Scott. The professor noted it as an example of romanticism sweeping Europe at the beginning of the 19th Century. Scott had been referring to a character in Camelot. The whole idea of a woman living in a lake...



(l-r) Hana Meyers, Kaitlyn Addy and Sabrina Lamie as Becky, Kelly and Yvonne. After shooting the indoor scene we shared a smile. Once outdoors, we shot the ghost scene where Hana's cousin, Alana, provided the voice for Grace Brown's ghost. Later on, Michaela Groth provided Grace Brown's image on green screen.